Conferences on Health and Safety at work by Jonathan Plante

Englobe attaches great importance to its employees’ health and safety, during the operations on its soil treatment and biomass reclamation facilities, among other things. Despite all the procedures in place aiming at safe habits and behaviors in the performance of the employees’ daily tasks, there is always the feeling, very human and often unconscious, that "it only happens to others”. The purpose of our approach by inviting the speaker Jonathan Plante (website: is to raise awareness of our employees to the importance of always thinking about Health and Safety at work, using the example of someone who has himself suffered a work accident that changed his life completely.

Indeed, following the accident, Jonathan had to reorient his life and decided to share his experience, hoping that this would allow workers to realize, with a concrete example, the impact that an accident at work can have on their lives. Jonathan talks about what happened to him, why it happened and the impact that this event of a split second can have, not only on the victim, but also on his relatives. A meeting with someone who had an accident at work and is handicapped for life helps to understand and realize that inattention or negligence of a split second can have consequences that last a lifetime and that it can happen to anyone.

We thank Jonathan for the quality of his interventions and wish him to continue his conferences with the same positive impact he had on our employees.

Jonathan Plante with our Sherbrooke's Team

Jonathan Plante with our St-Henri-de-Lévis's Team

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