Bring us your soil

Step 1 : Get an online quote

Please fill out the online quotation form. Upon receipt, your request for pricing will be handled by the customer service coordinator of your region. After review of your request, you will receive a proposal, valid for 30 days.

Step 2 : Open an account

Choose one of the following 2 options: account opening application form or credit card payment form.

Account opening application formCredit card payment form

Step 3 : Accept our proposal

An authorization number will be issued to you once our proposal is accepted, signed and returned to the customer service coordinator by email. With this authorization number, you may ship your soil to our facility.

Step 4 : Organize your transport

In order to avoid any delay in unloading your soil at our authorized treatment facility, all loads must be planned 24 hours in advance with the customer service coordinator. Please complete the left part of the transport manifest before giving it to the truck driver. If you don’t have any manifest, please download the file using the link below. Remind your driver that he shall give the manifest to the technician upon arrival at the treatment center. One manifest per truck is required. All trucks will be weighed upon arrival and departure.

Transport manifest

Step 5 : Keep us informed of your planning

With the last load of the day, make sure to confirm the number of loads sent that day to the technical coordinator and give him an estimate of the number of loads for the next day, if any. Any additional analysis results and any change related to the project must be communicated to the customer service coordinator.