Our approach

The contaminated soil treatment centers are a part of the practical solutions implemented by our society to prevent and remediate soil and groundwater contamination for the protection of the environment and public. As a pioneer company in the treatment of contaminated soils, Englobe is at the forefront of the battle against the spreading of soil and groundwater contamination. Our unique and integrated approach enables us to play a leading role in protecting our environment by definitively addressing and remediating the damages caused in the past to our environment for the future generations, in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Our soil treatment centers network focuses on a biological treatment approach, the efficiency of which has been proven for over 25 years. This low environmental impact approach focuses on optimizing the efficiency of the contaminants biological degradation processes. We have also selected the best process water and air treatment method technologies aiming to prevent the spreading of compounds in the vicinity of our treatment centres. Englobe lays strong emphasis on the health and safety of the employees of its centers – our own environments.

It is with our unique approach – structured around the major challenges that are include the protection of our environments and the protection of our employees – that enables us to look at soils recovery with much serenity. Englobe knows that these soils, once decontaminated and typically considered as a waste, may have a real value as resources. Thus and for more than ten years, we have been contributing to rebuilding complete ecosystems on former abandoned mining sites by using residual organic materials and biotreated soils. These projects have demonstrated the value of the resources that are soils and organic materials as essential embellishment elements for our environments.

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