Traceability of the soil treated by Englobe

Since 1993, Englobe operates many soil treatment centers throughout Quebec and has developed a unique expertise in the field of biological treatment of organic contaminants, acquired over the years by decontaminating millions of tons of soil. In order to put this expertise at the disposal of our clients, we have developed an electronic platform destined to meet their operational needs. This new tool guarantees our clients and the Quebec ministry of Environment the total traceability of all the soils that we receive. This platform allows traceability of soil from the excavation site to the final recycling or disposal site, including the management of the necessary authorization numbers, mandatory transportation manifests, the official weighing tickets, the exact location on our treatment sites where soil is unloaded for treatment, analysis results from accredited laboratories, as well as the detail of the decontaminated soil loads that leave our centers. Every step is documented and validated throughout a rigorous process of soil treatment and management.

When dealing with Englobe’s soil treatment centers, you are guaranteed that your contaminated soil will be treated with the utmost professional care. Our professionalism and expertise, consistent with our high standards of quality, ensure you peace of mind. We offer you an economic, rapid and definitive solution for the treatment of your contaminated soil.